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Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked questions about CE5 outings - see below for a sampling of these ...

  1. How do we maintain social distancing and safety requirements, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic?
    1. All portions of an outing are conducted outside, with plenty of space for social distancing. The only exception to this is the portion of the ride to the contact site which requires 4-wheel drive access. If you do not have your own 4-wheel drive vehicle, you will need to ride with someone else for a short distance. There will be at least one pick-up truck available with an open bed to carry anyone who does not wish to ride in the cab of a vehicle. We ask that everyone observe current safety protocols and at a minimum, bring their own mask and hand sanitizer. Masks are not required to be worn when we are outside, but if you elect to ride in the cab of a vehicle with someone else, they will be necessary.
  2. What happens if it rains?
    1. If there is imminent rain in the forecast on the day of the outing, the event will be cancelled. You will be notified by email and/or text.
    2. If rain develops during an outing, we will vote on whether to “wait it out” or terminate the event early.
    3. If severe weather, such as a dangerous thunderstorm develops, the event will be terminated for the safety of the participants.
    4. Dense cloud cover in the absence of rain can also be a reason for ending the event early, if majority votes in favor.
  3. Can I bring my dog?
    1. The short answer is “sorry, no”.
    2. The longer answer is “tell us more about your doggie and how he interacts with other people and a strange environment, and we’ll see”.
      1. If it’s determined that your doggie is a candidate for participating, the rule is that you MUST have your companion on a leash AT ALL TIMES and you are responsible for his/her behavior and care.
  4. Can I bring a child?
    1. That depends. Children can often be a wonderful addition to a CE5 outing because they are generally more “open” to such experiences than adults are. We try to evaluate this on a case-by-case basis. If you have a child that you would like to bring, please contact us so we can discuss.
  5. I’m a smoker – is this an issue?
    1. Nope, not an issue. However, please be mindful of others who are not smokers or who may be adversely affected. Stay clear of them. Also – make sure that you have a place to dispose of your cigarette butts. Under no circumstances are they to be thrown on the ground.
  6. Will I get “abducted”?
    1. Good lord – NO. However, if you did, you’d be the envy of the rest of us. We’re all vying for a ride.
    2. All kidding aside – forget the “abduction theories”. We are reaching out to advanced, hyper-intelligent beings who primarily operate in the realm of energetic consciousness and “zero point energy”. By comparison, we’d be considered the barbarians in this scenario. We’re the ones who shoot them out of the sky and try to weaponize their technology, not to mention the horrors we commit against any of their populace unlucky enough to be caught on the ground.
  7. What about wild animals?
    1. Most often, our events are held at high points in forested areas which have a good view of the sky, so yes, we are in an environment which supports a variety of wildlife. However, the animals normally give us a wide berth – they generally don’t want anything to do with us. Occasionally, deer will come in close, especially after dark, and we will see a bear or a few coyotes every once in a while, but we have never had a negative experience with any animal. Their presence is actually a delight to observe.
  8. What about cryptids, such as “Bigfoot” Do you ever see anything like this?
    1. Full disclosure: We have seen/experienced possible evidence of “Bigfoot” and other “unexplained phenomenon” in some of the areas that we frequent for CE5 work:
      1. “Bigfoot” – we have observed what looked like Sasquatch tracks, and have experienced howling vocalizations, knocking sounds, and movement in the brush at two of the locations that we visit.
      2. “Unexplained Phenomenon” some examples:
        1. Our cameras often capture what we call “cosmic butterflies” in and around wooded areas. We have seen these both at night and in full daylight. They are not actual insects, but are beautiful, brilliant energetic signatures of something that we suspect is related to the presence of the Extraterrestrials.
        2. Our cameras also frequently capture other unexplained energetic anomalies, shadows, and lights that cannot be seen with the naked eye.
        3. At our “home base location”, we have repeatedly witnessed an animal that has yet to be identified.
  9. What’s the difference between “aliens” and “Extraterrestrials”?
    1. In a nutshell, the difference is in your own mindset. To us, the word “alien” is the equivalent of a racial slur. We have the utmost respect for our cosmic neighbors, and until we are familiar enough with them, as individuals, to be able to call them by name, we prefer to use the terms “Extraterrestrial”, “ET”, or just simply “visitors” when referring to them.
  10. What if I have to use the bathroom?
    1. Yep – it happens, and the truth of the matter is that 99% of the time, we are nowhere near restroom facilities during a CE5 outing. The best option is to take a flashlight and find a suitably large tree nearby to go behind. We also suggest that you learn to identify Poison Oak/Ivy prior to this. If you don’t know what they look like, let us know, and we will show you. Welcome to the outdoors!
  11. Can I use my phone during an outing?
    1. Absolutely! But … a few pointers:
      1. Please refrain from using your phone during Blessings or Meditation. We ask that everyone silence their phones for the hour or so that this is underway.
      2. If you need to text or talk during an outing, please keep your volume AND your backlight turned down low enough that it is not a distraction for others. If you must take a call, please move away from the group during your conversation.
      3. If you would like to “live stream” or video portions of the event using your phone, we ask that you inform everyone present of that, and make sure to get their permission first.
  12. I’m not real comfortable being in the dark. Can I keep a flashlight on during the outing?
    1. While we understand your discomfort, no, you may not keep a flashlight on during the outing. We frequent places with little or no light pollution so that all aspects of the sky are as visible as possible. The presence of a constant light source defeats this purpose. If you look at the dates for scheduled outings, you’ll notice that all of them are on or around the full moon – we do this on purpose so that there is at least some ambient light available. If it helps, all members of our group can vouch for the fact that an outing is an extremely safe environment. You will also find that, without artificial light present, your eyes will quickly adjust to the night and you will be able to see more than you thought possible. Flashlights are permitted to be used to go to the bathroom, find something that you may have dropped, or to locate something in your vehicle. Other than that, we ask that they remain off. If you truly have a fear of the dark, please contact us ahead of time, as we will help you work through that prior to the outing. Another option is to observe the sky from your vehicle, if you are not comfortable out in the open.
  13. What do you see on an outing? Are there ships? Beings? How do you know that what you’re seeing isn’t just satellites?
    1. While no two outings are exactly alike, the things that we experience during nearly EVERY outing are lights in the sky (which seem to behave like “ships” quite often), and the presence of beautiful energetic entities at ground level. We also see what we call “sparks” very frequently – these appear as either single flashes of light in a range of colors or sometimes as multi-light bursts that look like small fireworks in the trees or on the ground.
    2. We also almost always experience energetic presences – the distinct feeling that something or someone is very close – sometimes close enough to touch – but is not visible. This is not at all unusual, as ET’s are most certainly capable of manipulating their environment energetically.
    3. On a number of occasions, we have had what can reasonably be described as a “ship” fly overhead at very close range. However, in each of these instances, the “ship” was traveling so fast that it was either not visible at all or only appeared as a quick flash of light. Fortunately, we have been able to capture this on film at times, and when the frames are slowed down, we are able to see that there was definitely something there which seemed to be responding to our presence.
    4. On one occasion, we captured still pictures of what appears to be a “being”.
      1. A lot of the footage from these events is available for viewing on our YouTube channel. Just search for “We Own the Light”.
    5. As to the question about satellites – yes, we definitely observe satellites (and airplanes) frequently, and we are able to tell the difference between these and potential ET craft in a number of ways:
      1. Experience: Having spent hundreds of hours observing the night sky, we are very familiar with how satellites and airplanes differ from ET craft.
      2. At least two of our members always have a program running on their phones which track the night sky in real-time. We can confirm the presence of satellites with this technology.
      3. Behavior: Often times, the “lights in the sky” that we observe behave in ways that are impossible for man-made craft to do. They often stop, change direction, change colors, or respond to our requests for verification of their presence.

Have other questions not addressed here? Email us!

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