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Spilling the Beans ...

The time has come to add a blog to this website, and thus, here we are.

So why now? Isn't there already enough blah-blah-blahing out there about the topics of UFO's/UAP's, ET's, contact, disclosure, secrecy, and cover-ups? Yep, there's a LOT of it, and to be honest, that is the very reason I hesitated for so long to add yet another voice to the cacophony.

However, a shift has occurred recently (have you noticed it?), and my instincts tell me that we are teetering on the edge of a tipping point. Moving forward in an intelligent, enlightened way holds the promise of great things, not the least of which may be saving ourselves and our planet from ruin and catapulting us, as a species, towards becoming a peaceful and advanced civilization over time.

This is my hope.

Equally strong is my fear.

Fear that we miss the opportunity before us because it is eclipsed by the disinformation and sensationalism currently surrounding these topics. Fear that we have become so enamored with and attached to our individual identities, perspectives, and beliefs that we have forgotten our place within the whole. Fear that our vision has become so narrow and our greed so great that we no longer have any concept of what it truly means to live in balance. Fear that we have lost touch with the spark inside us that whispers of our purpose, and fear that we will never aging regain the ability to heed its wisdom. If we continue to allow the present wave of chaos to drag us under, what will become of us?

Hope and fear, in equal measure, are what has driven me to add my voice to the noise.

I remember when I was a kid, I had a game called "Don't Spill the Beans!". It was a little plastic pot set in a frame in such a way that it could swing freely back and forth. Players (or teams) would take turns adding beans to the pot until it became full enough that it would start to tilt. At that point, the objective was to strategically add your bean to the heap without causing a catastrophic dumping of the entire contents. As players took their turns and added more and more beans, the pot would tilt further and further on its axis until one unlucky participant added the bean which exceeded the tipping point, causing an avalanche of dried pintos to spray across the floor. Whoever placed that fated legume lost the game.

This whole mess reminds me a lot of that game with one exception - in this situation, whichever player exceeds the tipping point wins, and in my mind there are only two teams contributing to the current pot. Team 1 wants to see humanity evolve and unite, to heal our ecosystem, and to create a peaceful and nurturing place for future generations to flourish. Team 2 wants to stay the current course, unable to see any merit or value in Team 1's vision.

I am a player on Team 1, and I am hopeful that by sharing my thoughts and experiences, I can increase the number of beans we are contributing to the pot. But my beans don't mean much without your beans alongside them, so please, I implore you - do your part to tip the pot. Now is not the time to be silent; Team 2 has a big mouth and uses it without shame in their bean-gathering efforts. If we have any hope of holding our own against them, we must be heard.

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