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The Bigfoot Project

What are they? WHO are they? Are they earth natives, or do they come from somewhere else? How do they appear and disappear into thin air? How are they able to "Mindspeak"? Why are some aggressive and others benevolent and helpful? Why are so many sightings associated with orbs of light and other UFO activity? How is it that they are seen everywhere, from areas of deep wilderness to the fringes of urban sprawl? Why does there appear to be a cover-up about their existence?

These questions are only a few of many. Thousands and thousands of people around the world report sightings and interactions with these beings, and the majority are left with more questions than answers in the wake of their encounter. I was no exception.

Following an experience in 2019 that was undeniably a classic "Bigfoot encounter", I began to realize that these beings had been in my life for a long time, but because their behaviors did not fit the standard profile, I hadn't realized what they were until I started to connect the dots. From the time I was a kid, paranormal experiences were the norm for me and my psychic abilities were as natural as any of my five physical senses. I had encounters with "cloaked" beings, whose presence was only made visible by the strange shimmer that they caused in the air around them. At the time, I had no idea that these beings were capable of such things, so I never associated this type of activity with Bigfoot. Now I know better. Bigfoot wasn't the only cryptid that I had run into over the course of my life - some of my experiences were undeniably with other types of beings, but I now know that a lot of what I had witnessed was directly related to the Big People.

I also now know that all of these experiences are connected. There's no need to put cryptids into one box, extraterrestrials in another, and unexplained phenomenon in a third. Sure, they are all slightly different, but they are also all inexorably linked. And we are spun up in that web, as well. The sooner we start seeing ourselves as part of the tribe, the sooner we can stop viewing other life forms as something so foreign that they are either to be disbelieved, or worse, automatically regarded with fear and loathing. The means by which we change our perceptions may be a little different for everyone, but I believe that one of the best ways is simply to seek understanding. We are much less likely to arbitrarily judge, despise, and fear something when we are striving to understand it.

My own methods for achieving understanding include CE5 work and frequent visits to local areas where I have witnessed activity or seen evidence of the Big People. I carefully document everything that transpires, but balance the logical aspects of this quest with constant attention to spiritual awareness. I might be recording tree breaks and footprints one minute and then striving to connect energetically with the beings that made them the next.

Below is a small gallery of collected evidence. Have you also seen or experienced something? Drop us a line - we'd love to hear about it!


Tree breaks may not seem like much, but there are currently seven documented locations on a single piece of property. The property is approximately 780 acres, so we continue to uncover more of these as we explore. They average 12' above the ground, and many of them lie directly on the same longitude and point in the same direction: NE, with a heading of 60 degrees. All of the "breaks" are actually 90-degree bends - the trees are not broken, just permanently bent.

The second picture is of a 9" diameter Tuliptree that was bent across the access road and wedged in the fork of a tree on the opposite side of the road (see third picture).

This tree was fully upright and growing normally when I was in this area on May 2. When I went back on May 4, it had been bent over and wedged in the fork of the other tree, approximately 15' above the ground.

The last picture is of a footprint. If you look closely, you can see the impression of the toes. The shoe that was used for comparison is 10" long. The track was 14". This picture was taken in an area where whoops, tree knocking, and orbs of light were also documented.

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