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The Magic of Us, Volume 1 - Energetic Dowsing

will be available on Amazon, both for Kindle and in hard copy!

Pre-orders are available beginning September 30, 2021.

From the back cover ...

Have you ever wondered why you're here or pondered what your purpose is? Do you feel as though there is something much more to humanity's existence than what we experience on a physical level?

Do you believe that we live on after death?

Have you ever watched a character in a movie do something astounding, such as move an object with their mind or elevate their physical body above the ground, and instinctively knew you could do that, if you could just figure out how?

Have you ever experienced dreams or visions of flying, visiting other times and places at the speed of thought, moving through solid walls, or performing supernatural feats effortlessly?

Upon returning to a waking state, did you feel in your heart that these things were much more than just a dream, that they were real, and were even somehow possible, if you could only access the right information?

Do you believe that there is extraordinary potential locked within you, just waiting to be discovered?

Well, you are right.

The Magic of Us provides a path of discovery for realizing this potential, with each volume providing practical (and easy) tools and techniques for exploring the sensational reality of consciousness.

In Volume 1 - Energetic Dowsing, you will learn how mastery of this ancient art enables you to tap into information stored in natural energetic patterns that are present everywhere, allowing you to:

  • Discover the patterns for people, pets & places, see detrimental influences within these patterns, and learn the simple techniques for converting them to a beneficial state
  • Access information about energetic patterns from other places (or even other times!) and create maps illustrating your discoveries
  • Pull energetic patterns from other locations into your own space and create beneficial conditions in real-time, even if your subject is hundreds (or even thousands) of miles away
  • Dowse for lines of energy which support and enhance your creativity, or create some where you need them
  • Identify energetic vortices and learn to use their power
  • And much, much more ...
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