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Energy Awareness

The basic first step in becoming aware of Universal Consciousness and learning to "connect" is awareness of the energetic nature of your existence.

With the help of easy (and fun!) exercises, we will show you how to discover your "energy body" and begin to unlock the immense potential that lies in wait.

Honing Your Skills

The second step following awareness is mastery of your inherent abilities.

Working with Universal Energy isn't difficult, nor does it require long sabbaticals into exotic lands or countless hours on a Yoga mat, but it does require the shedding of erroneous beliefs, a desire to evolve, and dedicated focus.

Putting It To Work

Honing of your energetic skills will show you where your strongest "skill set" lies. We ALL carry the same potential, but everyone also has one or two things that come easier to them and compliments the work of their peers. Early on, your own personal tendencies may lie with hands-on healing of others, while someone else's may be working with plants or animals.

Living "Connected"

Being aware of your energy and putting it to use is not something that you only do while you're with us - it's a way of life, and the more you integrate it into every minute of your day, the faster you will "evolve". This has positive effects on EVERY aspect of your existence, from home, to work, and well beyond. And don't worry - it doesn't require any strange antics or odd practices - people will notice a change in you for sure, but it's an internal one.

Moving Beyond

The ultimate purpose of discovering your energetic potential is to understand who and what you truly are, to shed your perceived limitations, and to consciously interact with and learn from that which is available to us throughout the Cosmos. These actions take you from a very small existence as a human being who exists mainly for "self" to a Universal Being who exists for ALL, and this is the key to shifting ourselves and our planetary existence out of this age of separation and destruction and into one of Universal Consciousness.

Yep - We're Serious

Don't be a sheep. Open your eyes and your mind to the truth that's evident, rather than what someone else is saying.

Making contact with advanced civilizations is a key factor in our own growth - they have much to show us, if we are only willing to learn.

Skeptical, but curious? Or maybe you are on the other end of the spectrum - a dedicated believer, wishing to make contact? Either way, consider joining us for a CE-5 Outing to experience the truth for yourself.


Want to learn more and experience it for yourself?

Then please consider joining us for Metaphysical Sundays!


It's all about the energy

Energy is everywhere. It emanates from us, and from everything around us.

Many times, people imagine this energy to be something resembling an amorphous blob, just kind of oozing around and blanketing everything in a generic, unseen haze.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Nature is comprised of structure and patterns, and energy, being a foundational component of everything in existence, is no exception.

Energy takes on various shapes and forms, depending on its purpose, frequency, who or what it is anchored to, and who or what it is influenced by. And while it’s true that energy ebbs and flows, it is not shapeless in an unorganized way. In fact, as with everything else in nature, it is VERY organized, forming predictable and detectable patterns that you can identify and work with as a means to improve your environment, your home, your health, your “sixth sense” and beyond.

The "beyond" is the really cool part - working with energy enhances your consciousness, opens your mind to possibilities that you never dreamed of, and allows you to access things that you may have never thought possible.

For many, their understanding of how the universe works is very small – they believe that reality is only defined by what they can hear, touch, see, taste, smell, or otherwise quantify in physical terms. They do not understand that the physical world is only a tiny fraction of our reality, and that by limiting their experiences to only the physical, they are missing out on a much bigger picture – that of the energetic universe. 

Ironically, this energetic universe that many don't even believe in is what gives rise to our physical existence. Without it, we, nor anything around us, could even BE. 

What's on the horizon

However, in recent decades, a shift in understanding has begun in many, an instinctive "knowing" that there is something more to life than what we see and experience on the surface. There is a yearning to delve deeper, expand awareness of truth, and say "yes!" to the challenge of realizing our full potential. We are on the cusp of an awakening, but it is not going to come to fruition without effort on our part. This will not just be handed to us - we have to work for it, and while the effort itself is a rewarding and mystical experience, the journey does not come without a certain degree of difficulty. In addition to honing latent or forgotten skills as a means to evolve, we must also cull that which holds us back. It's not just about learning the new; it's also about letting go of the old. 

We must shed outdated beliefs, assumptions, and habits which do not support our growth, effectively scrubbing away everything that is not aligned with our higher purpose and our true potential. We may have to learn to accept, as truth, concepts that we formerly labeled as "hocus pocus" or not possible. We may have to enlarge our understanding of "God" as something much more expansive, and conversely, also much closer to self, than we were taught in our churches. We may have to let go of prejudices that we didn't even know we had in order to see others as equal to ourselves, and all of humanity as representations of divinity. We may have to step down from our pedestals to see the uncalculatable value in a blade of grass, a snail, or a nondescript stone nestled in a streambed. We must allow ourselves to experience wonder and awe in the mundane, and to love that which may have previously been thought of as unlovable. In doing so, we elevate everything in creation to a position of equality, understanding that EVERYTHING belongs, and subsequently, coming to the realization that every thought, every decision, and every action carries consequence.

Where we fit in

This is a wholistic evolution, elevating the mind and the emotional, physical, and energetic bodies in unison. It is an evolution propelled by spirit and balance, allowing the traveler to arrive at each new juncture fully prepared for the next step, without leaving behind any aspect of the whole.

You already know how to get there - it's inherent to your existence. However, just because we know something doesn't mean that we haven't forgotten how to do it. The current "shift" that is underway is a stirring in the collective memory of humanity - it's tickling at the back of our minds, but we are often unable to put our finger on it. We know it's there, but we just can't quite grab onto it and wrestle it to the forefront of our consciousness. This constant niggling is often maddening, leading the individual on an unrelenting search for something that will satisfy the craving. 

For some, this results in purchases of material things - cars, clothes, watches, and other items which temporarily squelch the longing with short-term gratification. But it doesn't last. 

For others, they may gravitate to spiritual practices which promise instant results, religions which promise answers, or traditions which promise enlightenment but require a lifetime of dedication and practice. Do these things work for some? Maybe. Do they work for the majority? If they did, I believe there would be a whole lot more enlightened people around the world. In fact, given the number of traditions and practices and the hundreds, if not thousands, of years that some of them have been around, it's not unreasonable to assume that we should ALL be enlightened by now. Not just a bunch of dedicated followers, but full-blown ENLIGHTENED. So what gives?

Here's the problem as I see it: 

There's too much human influence in beliefs and traditions. If there weren't, there wouldn't be any need for so many different ones. We're all human, so the truth of our potential is exactly the same for each and every one of us. No exceptions. Egoic opinions and agendas influence every single tradition to some degree or another, and while that may dovetail nicely with the local culture or societal norms, it doesn't do squat for actual enlightenment. In fact, all it does is set up the potential for conflict (and war) between opposing belief systems. To say that this is an absurd approach to evolution of humanity is an understatement. For thousands of years, all we have done is to create conflict in the name of that which is supposed to unify us. WTF?

And here's the solution as I see it:

We must get down to the common denominator. Not belief, not what we think we know, not what our culture says, and not what our particular society has taught us. All of that grew from layers upon layers of egoic agendas and traditions which were heavily influenced by limiting concepts and the desire to control, usually through fear. It sounds harsh, but if you are willing to review your particular brand of thoughts and beliefs openly and honestly, you will clearly see this in varying degrees.

So what is the common denominator? What is this thing that levels the field and moves everything in existence into a place of reverence and equality? What is it that we - humans, plants, animals, rocks, the earth, and everything in the multi-verse - share in common? Energy. 

Whether you call it energetic patterns, universal consciousness, connectivity, entanglement, or any other name matters not - it's all the same. It is the thing which links us all, and it is our ticket to that state of enlightenment which we instinctively seek throughout our lifetime.

We want to show you tangible proof of this part of you, enabling you to begin your journey of truth and connectivity with no doubt in your mind that this is real. Once you experience it for the first time, you cannot deny its existence. That which has been seen cannot be unseen, so to speak. 

From that point forward, the treasure of unlimited possibility becomes your constant companion. The platitude of "anything is possible" becomes a reality, and nothing will ever be the same. In that instant, your life and your potential truly becomes your own if you choose to make it so.

This is accomplished totally outside the parameters of belief, religion, societal influence or cultural tradition. There are no groups to join, pledges to make, complicated rituals to learn, or services to attend. There are no expensive gadgets to buy, strange elixirs to ingest, and no EMF-reducing pendants to wear. There are no month-long retreats to attend, no requirement for hours and hours of perfect meditation, and no tests to determine if you have progressed enough to move to the next level.

What IS required is an ability to sit with yourself in honesty, an intense desire to awaken, and an unrelenting longing to see humanity heal. You have to be able to make peace with dissolution of some of the beliefs and concepts that you identify with, in order to grow. You have to be ok with change. You have to be willing to trust in yourself and the discoveries you make without relying on constant confirmation and justification from outside sources. 

And most importantly, you must be willing to share what you learn with others from the very beginning of your journey. There is no guru status to achieve here, no certificates to obtain before you are allowed to teach others, and no hierarchy which puts some in positions of authority over others. We are all in this together, and we are meant to help one another as the situation dictates. Some will lead and others will follow, but those roles will constantly shift and change as we learn and grow. Do not be afraid to show someone else what you have learned, even if it seems so small you don't see how it could even make a difference to them - you would be surprised at what can trigger growth in another.


Want to know more about how to hone your energetic skills?

There are a number of ways to do that:

  1. Sign up for workshops and CE5 outings here. Basic (but fascinating) information and skills are shared with all participants during these events.
  2. Email us to learn about scheduling services and private training.
  3. Watch for online workshops to be posted in the winter of 2021. To be notified when these become available, drop us a line and request to be added to our mailing list.

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